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Pennsylvania, United States



Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barbara  21 Sep 1783Pennsylvania, United States I56265
2 Mary Jean  1720Pennsylvania, United States I64508
3 Melinda H.  Abt 1858Pennsylvania, United States I65889
4 Nancy Ann  1697Pennsylvania, United States I62982
5 BENNETT, Margaret M.  21 Mar 1858Pennsylvania, United States I41852
6 BLACKBURN, John  Abt 1700Pennsylvania, United States I58618
7 BOOR, Martin  1800Pennsylvania, United States I63390
8 BOWEN, Isabella  15 Oct 1806Pennsylvania, United States I57371
9 BOWEN, Lydia  1757Pennsylvania, United States I58011
10 BOWEN, Sarah  1763Pennsylvania, United States I58012
11 CALLIHAN, John G.  1783Pennsylvania, United States I57370
12 CARSON, Robert  1798Pennsylvania, United States I54806
13 DAILEY, Shirley Mae  8 Aug 1926Pennsylvania, United States I40867
14 FRANKSBURGER, John  <1768>Pennsylvania, United States I56256
15 GARDNER, Robert Berry  Sep 1883Pennsylvania, United States I41990
16 HALE, William H.  1836Pennsylvania, United States I41510
17 HICKMAN, Elizabeth  1853Pennsylvania, United States I41757
18 HILL, Catherine Griffith  1784Pennsylvania, United States I31938
19 JONES, Abel  Abt 1718Pennsylvania, United States I58885
20 JONES, Harrison  2 May 1813Pennsylvania, United States I57384
21 KEPHART, Barbara  4 Aug 1897Pennsylvania, United States I63775
22 KEPHART, Frances  Abt 1895Pennsylvania, United States I63774
23 KEPHART, Mabel  1874Pennsylvania, United States I25629
24 LEIDY, Catherine  1780Pennsylvania, United States I56261
25 MILLER, Julia Ann  Nov 1841Pennsylvania, United States I57361
26 MILLS, Rachael Margaret  29 Dec 1813Pennsylvania, United States I56251
27 MITCHELL, James  1734Pennsylvania, United States I64510
28 OLDHAM, Nathaniel  Abt 1737Pennsylvania, United States I57241
29 REECE, Catherine  17 Feb 1785Pennsylvania, United States I52848
30 RENSEL, Sarah  20 Jul 1764Pennsylvania, United States I56277
31 SHOEMAKER, Ella C.  16 Jun 1867Pennsylvania, United States I42103
32 SIEBETTS, Catherine  1808Pennsylvania, United States I59995
33 SLOAN, Lieutenant Archibald III  23 Jun 1753Pennsylvania, United States I62975
34 SLOAN, Margaret  23 Jun 1753Pennsylvania, United States I62976
35 SLOAN, Mary  14 Feb 1745Pennsylvania, United States I62973
36 STRAUB, Jacob  1756Pennsylvania, United States I57417
37 STUDEBAKER, Charlotte Amelia  30 Aug 1830Pennsylvania, United States I56249
38 STUDEBAKER, Christina  1754Pennsylvania, United States I56271
39 STUDEBAKER, David  Abt 1741Pennsylvania, United States I56278
40 STUDEBAKER, David  1813Pennsylvania, United States I56250
41 STUDEBAKER, John  <1769>Pennsylvania, United States I56262
42 STUDEBAKER, John  Abt 1811Pennsylvania, United States I56245
43 TREADWELL, Edgar C.  29 Mar 1828Pennsylvania, United States I41552
44 TREADWELL, Ransalares Perry  25 Jul 1821Pennsylvania, United States I41344
45 WHITE, Mary  1700Pennsylvania, United States I56074
46 WILHELM, Henry  1755Pennsylvania, United States I63355


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 LAMBORN, Ann  1729Pennsylvania, United States I58887
2 LAMBORN, Elizabeth  1731Pennsylvania, United States I58889
3 ROBERTS, Deborah  1718Pennsylvania, United States I58763


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Nancy Ann  1784Pennsylvania, United States I62982
2 ADAMS, Jennette  27 Apr 1882Pennsylvania, United States I63645
3 BAUSH, Eva  Bef 1870Pennsylvania, United States I56263
4 BUTTON, Peter  1850Pennsylvania, United States I20526
5 EDWARDS, Amos  Pennsylvania, United States I58078
6 GOSS, Johann Kraft  1775Pennsylvania, United States I19275
7 GUTHRIE, John T.  Pennsylvania, United States I19195
8 KEPHART, Christina  1863Pennsylvania, United States I19305
9 LEWIS, Isabel  1772Pennsylvania, United States I58072
10 NASH, Anna  22 Sep 1794Pennsylvania, United States I62604
11 OLDHAM, Alice  1837Pennsylvania, United States I45422
12 ROW, Grace  22 Sep 1740Pennsylvania, United States I58059
13 SLOAN, John  31 Aug 1741Pennsylvania, United States I63002
14 SLOAN, Mary  1771Pennsylvania, United States I62989
15 WHITE, Mary  Pennsylvania, United States I56074


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DODGE, Oliver  Jan 1802Pennsylvania, United States I21375
2 GEBHART, Heinrich  Sep 1793Pennsylvania, United States I19314
3 GOSS, Johann Kraft  1775Pennsylvania, United States I19275
4 HALE, Jesse  May 1905Pennsylvania, United States I41346


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOWEN / DAVIS  Abt 1740Pennsylvania, United States F24600
2 CAMPBELL / GRINOLDS  1870Pennsylvania, United States F16817
3 CRAIN / KEPHART  15 Nov 1838Pennsylvania, United States F7827
4 HOGE / BOWEN  Abt 1720Pennsylvania, United States F24598
5 LEWIS / CRAWFORD  Jan 1720Pennsylvania, United States F24610
6 MCCANDLESS / EVANS  21 Feb 1726Pennsylvania, United States F16695
7 NEWLON / MORTON  1764Pennsylvania, United States F25214
8 OLDHAM / CALLIHAN  1806Pennsylvania, United States F24330
9 REUSCHLING / SIEBETTS  1834Pennsylvania, United States F25329
10 STANFIELD / MORTON  1756Pennsylvania, United States F25162
11 STRAUB / SCHUMACHER  Abt 1760Pennsylvania, United States F24425
12 STUDEBAKER / GARDNER  15 Jul 1845Pennsylvania, United States F66
13 STUDEBAKER / WIEMAN  Abt 1801Pennsylvania, United States F6629
14 TROTTER / NASH  26 Nov 1751Pennsylvania, United States F26877
15 TYSON / NASH  1745Pennsylvania, United States F16431