"I desire the Spirit of God to know and understand myself,
that I might be able to overcome whatever of tradition or
nature that would not tend to my exaltation in the eternal
worlds. I desire a fruitful, active mind, that I may be able to comprehend the designs of God, when revealed through His servants without doubting."
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Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark



Latitude: 55.3309640, Longitude: 11.5091249


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AXELSEN, Lauritz  Abt 14 Jul 1766Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I21093
2 AXELSEN, Marie  13 Dec 1770Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I21094
3 AXELSEN, Marie Christine  9 May 1762Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I21092
4 AXELSEN, Rasmus  1760Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20231
5 HOLM, Anne Elizabeth  1772Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20232
6 JACOBSEN, Peder  1809Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20244
7 JENSEN  28 Jan 1848Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20225
8 JENSEN, Christian  2 Jul 1844Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20223
9 JENSEN, Hans  6 Jun 1833Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I21062
10 JENSEN, Jens  11 May 1841Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20222
11 JENSEN, Johanne  6 Sep 1838Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20220
12 JENSEN, Marie  10 Aug 1842Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20171
13 JENSEN, Mette  8 Sep 1846Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20224
14 JENSEN, Mine  14 Jul 1850Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20226
15 JENSEN, Rasmus  27 Feb 1840Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20221
16 LARSEN, Hans  6 Jun 1833Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I38270
17 LARSEN, Jens  11 Apr 1803Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20215
18 OLSEN, Hans  19 Nov 1796Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20241
19 PEDERSEN, Karen Marie  1817Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20242
20 RASMUSDATTER, Ane Margrethe  15 Jan 1792Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I37592
21 RASMUSSEN, Anne Magrethe  4 Feb 1796Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20234
22 RASMUSSEN, Christiane  28 Nov 1799Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20236
23 RASMUSSEN, Karen  7 Apr 1798Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20235
24 RASMUSSEN, Karen Sophie  11 Oct 1808Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20216
25 RASMUSSEN, Maren  7 Apr 1798Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20240
26 RASMUSSEN, Mette Marie  8 Jan 1802Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20237


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 JENSEN  28 Jan 1848Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20225
2 JENSEN, Christian  13 Jul 1844Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20223
3 JENSEN, Hans  8 Jun 1833Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I21062
4 JENSEN, Jens  1841Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20222
5 JENSEN, Johanne  19 Sep 1838Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20220
6 JENSEN, Lars  18 Jul 1832Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20217
7 JENSEN, Marie  24 Sep 1842Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20171
8 JENSEN, Mine  1 Sep 1850Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20226
9 JENSEN, Rasmus  1 Mar 1840Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20221
10 LARSEN, Hans  8 Jun 1833Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I38270
11 RASMUSSEN, Anne Magrethe  20 Mar 1796Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20234
12 RASMUSSEN, Christian Holm  11 Jan 1807Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20238
13 RASMUSSEN, Karen Sophie  11 Oct 1808Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20216
14 RASMUSSEN, Lars  20 Jan 1811Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20239
15 RASMUSSEN, Maren  8 Aug 1813Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20240


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AXELSEN, Rasmus  30 Mar 1847Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20231
2 HOLM, Anne Elizabeth  22 Jun 1843Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20232
3 JENSEN  30 Jan 1848Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20225
4 JENSEN, Christian  10 Dec 1844Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20223
5 JENSEN, Hans  4 Oct 1833Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I21062
6 JENSEN, Jens  21 May 1841Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20222
7 JENSEN, Lars  4 Nov 1850Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20217
8 JENSEN, Mette  18 Dec 1846Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20224
9 JENSEN, Mine  4 Jan 1851Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20226
10 JENSEN, Rasmus  7 Mar 1840Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20221
11 LARSEN, Hans  4 Oct 1833Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I38270
12 LARSEN, Jens  13 Oct 1850Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20215
13 RASMUSDATTER, Ane Margrethe  4 Mar 1792Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I37592
14 RASMUSSEN, Anne Magrethe  24 Feb 1865Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20234
15 RASMUSSEN, Christian Holm  28 Feb 1859Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20238
16 RASMUSSEN, Karen Sophie  22 Oct 1850Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20216
17 RASMUSSEN, Lars  22 Oct 1850Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20239


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 AXELSEN, Rasmus  3 Apr 1847Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20231
2 LARSEN, Jens  18 Oct 1850Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20215
3 RASMUSDATTER, Ane Margrethe  10 Jul 1790Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I37592
4 RASMUSSEN, Karen  2 Jun 1799Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20235
5 RASMUSSEN, Karen Sophie  26 Oct 1850Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20216
6 RASMUSSEN, Maren  2 Jun 1799Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark I20240


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 AXELSEN / HOLM  10 Oct 1788Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark F8268
2 LARSEN / RASMUSSEN  7 Jul 1831Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark F8244
3 OLSEN / RASMUSSEN  9 Dec 1818Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark F8275
4 RASMUSSEN / PEDERSEN  1 Jun 1838Haldagerlille, Sorø, Denmark F8276