"I desire the Spirit of God to know and understand myself,
that I might be able to overcome whatever of tradition or
nature that would not tend to my exaltation in the eternal
worlds. I desire a fruitful, active mind, that I may be able to comprehend the designs of God, when revealed through His servants without doubting."
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Latitude: 52.0577785, Longitude: 1.14378555555556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 IRELAND, Roghneach  380Ireland I62663
102 IRELAND, King Rothachtaigh  Ireland I43196
103 IRELAND, King Simeon Breac  Ireland I52958
104 IRELAND, King Siorna Saoghlach  Ireland I44295
105 IRELAND, King Tighearnmhas  Ireland I43930
106 ISRAEL, Lagman  1075Ireland I45979
107 KENNEDY, John  1 Feb 1772Ireland I1758
108 LAIDRACH, Duach  Abt 777/786 BCIreland I31654
109 LEINSTER, King Bran  740Ireland I43773
110 LEINSTER, King Bran Muit  640Ireland I43779
111 LEINSTER, King Muredac  710Ireland I43834
112 LETCHWOOD, Sarah  Abt 1700Ireland I60495
113 LUIRREADNACH, Tireach  Ireland I63114
114 MACCORMAC, Feidelimid fer Aurglais Gelta  Abt 279Ireland I62762
115 MACCUINN, King Airt  Ireland I62679
116 MACEARCA, King Fergus Mor  389Ireland I55565
117 MACEITHRIAL, Follach  Bef 1671/1806 BCIreland I62746
118 MACFOLLACH, Prince Tighearnmhas Ard Rí na h'Éireann  1640 BC/1536 BCIreland I62744
119 MACLARN, King Conla Caomh Gleofathach  Ireland I62720
120 MACLMCHADA, Feg  240Ireland I63129
121 MACNIALL, King Foghan Owen  337Ireland I49453
122 MACOLCCA, Achtan  169Ireland I62680
123 MACOWEN, King Muredach III  363Ireland I62149
124 MACROTHEACHTA, Prince Dian  Ireland I62733
125 MACTRETHEM, Ros Ruanaid  310Ireland I63127
126 MCDOWELL, Elizabeth  Abt 1721Ireland I48228
127 MCILLHANEY, Lilly  1709Ireland I58062
128 MEADAIB, Roigneach Ingen  380Ireland I62665
129 MEILAGE  Abt 522/532 BCIreland I31650
130 MESCHINES, Alice de  1142Ireland I51734
131 MOLBHTHACH, Melg Monarch  0570 BC/0512 BCIreland I62719
132 MOR, King Ugaine  0591 BC/0512 BCIreland I62722
133 NáIR, Crimthann Nia  0039 BC/Ireland I62691
134 NOIGIALLACH, Maine  Ireland I62668
135 O'BYRNE, King Toirrdelbach Mor  1009Ireland I52416
136 O'TOOLE, Gillacomhall  Abt 980Ireland I43885
137 OILBHUAGACH, High King Maoin I  Ireland I62736
138 OLMUCADHA, High King Aonghus  1477 BC/1280 BCIreland I62738
139 PERRY, Adam  Abt 1640Ireland I39342
140 PERRY, Reverand Adam  1694Ireland I40790
141 PERRY, Adam  Abt 1722Ireland I42055
142 PERRY, Daniel  1696Ireland I40042
143 PERRY, Isabella  1701Ireland I41002
144 PERRY, James  Abt 1720Ireland I39717
145 PERRY, John  1692Ireland I39926
146 PERRY, John S.  10 Mar 1722Ireland I39944
147 PHIPPS, Anne  1694Ireland I64395
148 ROTHEACHTA  0690 BC/0512 BCIreland I31663
149 RUANAID, Meadaib Mac Ross  334Ireland I63126
150 SAEGHLACH, High King Sirna  Ireland I62732

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