Katherine Smith Salisbury - Sister to the Prophet
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London, Middlesex, England



Latitude: 37.1271747222222, Longitude: -84.0837744444444


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Ann  Abt 1602London, Middlesex, England I58912
2 ANDREWS, Nicholas  1597London, Middlesex, England I58910
3 ANDREWS, Roger  1599London, Middlesex, England I58911
4 ANDREWS, Thomas  1595London, Middlesex, England I58908
5 ATWOOD, Mary  Abt 1606London, Middlesex, England I28119
6 BALDRY, Baroness Elizabeth  25 Nov 1537London, Middlesex, England I59477
7 BARRETT, Elizabeth  Abt 1700London, Middlesex, England I64512
8 BOURNE, James  28 Feb 1567London, Middlesex, England I57808
9 BOWYER, Sir Robert  10 Jan 1539London, Middlesex, England I58533
10 BULLEN, Isabel  Abt 1444London, Middlesex, England I59333
11 BULLEN, Sir William  Abt 1448London, Middlesex, England I59339
12 CHALONER, Elizabeth  1528London, Middlesex, England I65468
13 CHALONER, Francis  1525London, Middlesex, England I65056
14 CLARE, Richard de  1186London, Middlesex, England I28376
15 CLITHEROE, Anne  Mar 1570London, Middlesex, England I58487
16 D'ARCY, Lady Penelope  1595London, Middlesex, England I59381
17 D'AVENANT, John  Jan 1568London, Middlesex, England I65325
18 DERING, Lady Mary  1180London, Middlesex, England I61523
19 DINGLEY, Lady Joan  1492London, Middlesex, England I27581
20 DUTTON, Thomas  1545London, Middlesex, England I14242
21 ENGLAND, Princess Blanche  Mar 1342London, Middlesex, England I43655
22 ENGLAND, Prince Edmund  16 Jan 1244London, Middlesex, England I43364
23 FEAKE, Judith  Abt 1617London, Middlesex, England I9622
24 FOOTE, Elizabeth  14 Jan 1616London, Middlesex, England I30337
25 FRENCH, Thomas Sr.  1506London, Middlesex, England I8641
26 GREY, Edward  1545London, Middlesex, England I64239
27 HARDING, Anne  1535London, Middlesex, England I58477
28 HARVEY, Walter II  1180London, Middlesex, England I61501
29 HOLT, Elizabeth Sarah  1608London, Middlesex, England I54054
30 JENKES, William Gynkes  Abt 1480London, Middlesex, England I27565
31 KIRTON, Ann Margaret  1545London, Middlesex, England I30973
32 KIRTON, Lady Grisell  1536London, Middlesex, England I27586
33 KIRTON, Jane  1530London, Middlesex, England I31152
34 KIRTON, John  1534London, Middlesex, England I30961
35 LACKLAND, Princess Joan  1183London, Middlesex, England I28731
36 LEE, Robert  1602London, Middlesex, England I27844
37 LILLYWHITE, Margaret Mitchell  25 Nov 1824London, Middlesex, England I20673
38 LON, Princess Sancha  1013London, Middlesex, England I29159
39 LONDON, Hawisia de  1179London, Middlesex, England I49056
40 LOTHROP, Benjamin  11 Apr 1626London, Middlesex, England I28017
41 LUNA DE, Margaret  1624London, Middlesex, England I65218
42 MACHYN, Alice  1530London, Middlesex, England I58258
43 MARROW, Catherine  1455London, Middlesex, England I31056
44 MARROW, Katherine  1454London, Middlesex, England I60011
45 MARROW, Sir William  1419London, Middlesex, England I31052
46 MARROW, Sir William  1419London, Middlesex, England I60019
47 MAYNE, Elizabeth  1475London, Middlesex, England I31051
48 MEGGS, Thomas  1507London, Middlesex, England I30143
49 MILLS, Catherine  Abt 1407London, Middlesex, England I31026
50 OPIE, Sarah  Abt 1582London, Middlesex, England I58382

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Maurice Sr.  10 Mar 1621London, Middlesex, England I29608
2 DAVENANT, Maria  11 Jan 1641London, Middlesex, England I38958
3 HOWELL, Mary  8 May 1558London, Middlesex, England I31995
4 HOWLAND, Simon  19 Nov 1604London, Middlesex, England I53964
5 KENDALL, Henry Edward  8 May 1822London, Middlesex, England I26238
6 KENDALL, Honor  8 Jun 1775London, Middlesex, England I25828
7 KENDALL, John  19 May 1774London, Middlesex, England I9909
8 KENDALL, Martha  28 Apr 1819London, Middlesex, England I26222
9 KENDALL, Thomas  8 May 1822London, Middlesex, England I33706
10 KENDALL, William  8 May 1822London, Middlesex, England I26228
11 OFFLEY, Lady Katherine  1530London, Middlesex, England I58532
12 SHERMAN, Thomas  1 Aug 1592London, Middlesex, England I30939
13 WARREN, Anna  1612London, Middlesex, England I58371
14 WARREN, Thomas  2 Sep 1621London, Middlesex, England I58381
15 WOODROFFE, Sir Nicholas  26 Aug 1576London, Middlesex, England I28876
16 YEOMANS, Edward  11 Oct 1632London, Middlesex, England I20856


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Robert  1 Mar 1642London, Middlesex, England I58914
2 ARUNDEL, Baroness Elizabeth  18 Feb 1510London, Middlesex, England I28367
3 ARUNDELL, Lady Eleanor  20 Feb 1513London, Middlesex, England I45188
4 ATHELING, Edward  19 Apr 1057London, Middlesex, England I27775
5 BARRETT, Elizabeth  Abt 1720London, Middlesex, England I64512
6 BEAUCHAMP, Earl Walter de  16 Feb 1303London, Middlesex, England I48101
7 BEAUFORD, Knight John  16 Mar 1409London, Middlesex, England I43677
8 BIGOD, Lady Mary  7 Dec 1252London, Middlesex, England I43568
9 BOLEYN, Sir Geoffrey  1463London, Middlesex, England I59328
10 BOLEYN,, Sir Geoffrey  2 Jul 1463London, Middlesex, England I59326
11 BOURNE, George  17 Feb 1569London, Middlesex, England I57809
12 BOURNE, Richard  11 Mar 1632London, Middlesex, England I57806
13 BOWYER, Sir Robert  1596London, Middlesex, England I58533
14 CAPELLO, Sir William  6 Sep 1515London, Middlesex, England I45574
15 CASTILE, King Fernando  27 Dec 1065London, Middlesex, England I29019
16 CHALLONER, Roger  10 Jun 1550London, Middlesex, England I56073
17 CLARE, Bevis  26 Oct 1294London, Middlesex, England I45937
18 CLARE, Rohese de  14 Jul 1179London, Middlesex, England I28718
19 CLERKE, William  1506London, Middlesex, England I61476
20 CLITHEROE, Anne  Jan 1653London, Middlesex, England I58487
21 D'AVENANT, John  Oct 1596London, Middlesex, England I65325
22 DAMMARTIN, Count Aubrey II  19 Sep 1200London, Middlesex, England I28164
23 DARCY, Sir Thomas  21 Feb 1640London, Middlesex, England I59385
24 DAUBENEY, Baron Giles  28 May 1507London, Middlesex, England I28444
25 DESMENCHINES, Countess Hawise  6 Jun 1241London, Middlesex, England I32176
26 DEVEREAUX, Baron John  22 Feb 1393London, Middlesex, England I49415
27 DODD, Margaret  1533London, Middlesex, England I31040
28 ENGLAND, Princess Blanche  Mar 1342London, Middlesex, England I43655
29 ENGLAND, King Edmund II  30 Nov 1016London, Middlesex, England I29246
30 ENGLAND, King Edward Atheling III  19 Apr 1057London, Middlesex, England I29237
31 ENGLAND, Princess Joane  4 Mar 1238London, Middlesex, England I46114
32 ENGLAND, Princess Maud  Abt 1141London, Middlesex, England I32555
33 GATES, Sir John  22 Aug 1553London, Middlesex, England I26075
34 HARDING, Anne  14 Nov 1588London, Middlesex, England I58477
35 HARVEY, Walter II  1272London, Middlesex, England I61501
36 HASTINGS, Ida de  2 Mar 1288London, Middlesex, England I50132
37 HOWLAND, Humphrey  9 Jul 1646London, Middlesex, England I53583
38 HOWSE, Reverend John  30 Aug 1630London, Middlesex, England I27835
39 JENKES, Baroness Elizabeth  16 Dec 1558London, Middlesex, England I27567
40 KIRTON, Ann Margaret  1581London, Middlesex, England I30973
41 KIRTON, Stephen  15 Aug 1566London, Middlesex, England I27593
42 LE STRANGE, Baroness Ankaret  1 Jun 1413London, Middlesex, England I28509
43 LEE, Francis  10 Nov 1714London, Middlesex, England I42702
44 MACHELL, Jane Ann  1630London, Middlesex, England I59457
45 MAKERNES, Joyce  1652London, Middlesex, England I58915
46 MANDEVILLE, Sir Geoffrey de  23 Feb 1216London, Middlesex, England I48575
47 MARROW, Sir William  11 Jan 1464London, Middlesex, England I31052
48 MARROW, Sir William  11 Jan 1464London, Middlesex, England I60019
49 MAYNE, Elizabeth  1525London, Middlesex, England I31051
50 MEGGS JR., William  22 Jul 1559London, Middlesex, England I30534

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Robert  Mar 1642London, Middlesex, England I58914
2 BALDRY, Baroness Elizabeth  19 Dec 1591London, Middlesex, England I59477
3 BEAUCHAMP, Earl Walter de  Feb 1303London, Middlesex, England I48101
4 BIGOD, Lady Mary  Dec 1252London, Middlesex, England I43568
5 BOWYER, Sir Robert  1596London, Middlesex, England I58533
6 BURGHERSH, Knight Bartholomew de  3 Aug 1355London, Middlesex, England I35199
7 CAPET, Margaret  Feb 1232London, Middlesex, England I14573
8 CHALLONER, Roger  Jun 1550London, Middlesex, England I56073
9 CLARE, Elizabeth de  London, Middlesex, England I51647
10 CLARE, Rohese de  Jul 1179London, Middlesex, England I28718
11 CORNEWAILLE, John  Dec 1443London, Middlesex, England I50909
12 DEACON, Roger  16 Oct 1624London, Middlesex, England I25183
13 DINHAM, Baron John III  30 Jan 1501London, Middlesex, England I28415
14 ENGLAND, King Ethelred  23 Apr 1016London, Middlesex, England I30825
15 ENGLAND, Prince William  London, Middlesex, England I45441
16 GRESMOND, Blanche  Oct 1369London, Middlesex, England I43675
17 HARDING, Anne  25 Nov 1588London, Middlesex, England I58477
18 HASTINGS, John de  Jan 1390London, Middlesex, England I49326
19 HOWLAND, Simon  17 Jan 1671London, Middlesex, England I53964
20 JENKES, William Gynkes  1558London, Middlesex, England I27565
21 KIRTON, Stephen  Aug 1566London, Middlesex, England I27593
22 MANDEVILLE, Sir Geoffrey de  Feb 1216London, Middlesex, England I48575
23 MARSHALL, Earl William  May 1219London, Middlesex, England I29808
24 NICHOLS, Joan  20 Jan 1578London, Middlesex, England I27612
25 OFFLEY, Lady Katherine  Dec 1594London, Middlesex, England I58532
26 OFFLEY, Margaret  5 Jun 1574London, Middlesex, England I31013
27 OFFLEY, Richard  28 Dec 1583London, Middlesex, England I15620
28 OLMSTEAD, Richard  1490London, Middlesex, England I27638
29 ORMOND, Earl James Butler  1546London, Middlesex, England I30728
30 PLANTAGENET, Count John  15 Mar 1399London, Middlesex, England I29766
31 PLAYSE, Jane  24 Jan 1611London, Middlesex, England I58923
32 ROBINSON, William  14 Oct 1578London, Middlesex, England I58220
33 ROS, Sir Robert de I  Dec 1226London, Middlesex, England I51391
34 SPENCER, Elizabeth de  Jul 1389London, Middlesex, England I48088
35 SPENCER, Hugh de  1411London, Middlesex, England I48062
36 THROCKMORTON, Sir Nicholas  21 Feb 1569London, Middlesex, England I33766
37 TYRRELL, William  Aft 23 Feb 1462London, Middlesex, England I65165
38 ULSTER, Anne Mary  1646London, Middlesex, England I53965
39 VERDUN, Elizabeth de  1360London, Middlesex, England I48095
40 VERE, Baroness Margaret de  Jun 1398London, Middlesex, England I49338
41 WALSINGHAM, Elizabeth  21 Jul 1596London, Middlesex, England I31058
42 WASHBOURNE, Eleanor  May 1505London, Middlesex, England I32958
43 WESSEX, King Æthelwulf  Jan 858London, Middlesex, England I62033
44 YALE, Doctor Thomas  1577London, Middlesex, England I57955


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / ISAACSON  Nov 1993London, Middlesex, England F23894
2 ATHELING / BRUNSWICK  1045London, Middlesex, England F10312
3 DUDLEY / RICH  Abt 1555London, Middlesex, England F7093
4 DUTTON / KING  Abt 1640London, Middlesex, England F7088
5 DUTTON / KIRTON  1565London, Middlesex, England F10395
6 ENGLAND / ENGLAND  Aug 1015London, Middlesex, England F10339
7 JENKES /   Abt 1501London, Middlesex, England F8766
8 KIRTON / SADLER  1573London, Middlesex, England F6913
9 LEE / ATWOOD  Abt 1627London, Middlesex, England F10025
10 MARROW / RICH  1458London, Middlesex, England F6890
11 MEGGS JR. / WEST  Abt 1506London, Middlesex, England F10595
12 PECK / HOLT  1622London, Middlesex, England F22636
13 PEYTON / RICH  12 Apr 1557London, Middlesex, England F9736
14 PLANTAGENET / BURGH  London, Middlesex, England F17792
15 RICH / MILLS  1427London, Middlesex, England F6886
16 ROBINSON / WITHER  1546London, Middlesex, England F24651
17 ROWLEY / PALMER  1624London, Middlesex, England F9933
18 SLOANE / BARRETT  Abt 1718London, Middlesex, England F27762
19 WARD / WITHER  London, Middlesex, England F24657
20 WARREN / CUTTNEY  Abt 1601London, Middlesex, England F24724
21 WHITTLE / KIRTON  7 Feb 1546London, Middlesex, England F6917
22 WITHERS / STANDISH  1523London, Middlesex, England F24652