Sophronia Smith Stoddard

"Never Lacked Faith to be Healed"

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Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland



Latitude: 56.6807936111111, Longitude: -4.32822777777778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAXTER, William  1565Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I64763
2 BENNET, Marjerie  Abt 1632Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I64745
3 BOWAR, Janet  12 Feb 1604Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I64882
4 FORRESTER, Mary Sloan  15 Jun 1840Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I13
5 FORRESTER, William  1808Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1743
6 GILLIES, Ellen Nelson  1838Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I14936
7 HENDIRSON, Margaret  1515Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I64929
8 KENNEDY, Ann Gordon Lockhart  17 Sep 1840Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I10416
9 KENNEDY, Janet  1839Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I13376
10 KENNEDY, John Addie  24 Feb 1837Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I12
11 MATHIE, John  1501Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I61467
12 MEADHOIN, Brion  Abt 430Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I63101
13 MOORE, Margaret  26 May 1678Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I64643
14 NAPIER, Margaret Mary  1471Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I65022
15 PRESTON, Margaret  1468Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I63834
16 SCOTLAND, King David I  31 Dec 1080Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I31822
17 SCOTLAND, William  Abt 1134Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I47840
18 SLOAN, Mary  1809Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I401
19 SMITH, Johann Heggie  27 Oct 1907Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I50748
20 TAILLOR, William  1631Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I64752
21 TAILYEOUR, George  1603Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I64747
22 WALLACE, Albert  6 Dec 1834Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I11314
23 WILSON  1575Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I64768
24 WILSON, Agnes  1567Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I64760
25 WILSON, Alexandre  1574Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I64765
26 WILSON, Johne  1540Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I64764
27 WILSON, Jonet  1574Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I64767


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BAXTER, Johne  12 Jul 1567Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I64759
2 BOWAR, Janet  12 Feb 1604Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I64882
3 FORRESTER, Mary Sloan  Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I13
4 SMITH, Johann Heggie  12 Dec 1907Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I50748
5 TAILLOR, William  2 Dec 1631Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I64752


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AETHELLING, Queen Margaret of Wessex  16 Nov 1093Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I44300
2 ANTHELLING, Queen Margaret  16 Nov 1093Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I27889
3 BOTHWELL, Janet  30 Dec 1564Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I65026
4 FITZSIWARD, Queen Sibyl  1070Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I27692
5 FLEMING, Sir David  14 Feb 1405Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I65053
6 GORDON, Robert Moffat Crisp  1880Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1770
7 SCOTLAND, King Edgar  8 Jan 1106Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I32190
8 SCOTLAND, Queen Mary  16 Nov 1463Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I46077
9 STEWART, Earl Walter  26 Mar 1437Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I49892
10 STEWART, Earl Walter  26 Mar 1437Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I55589
11 STUART, Amelia  18 Feb 1711Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I57889


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MOR MACDONALD, Sir James Iain  Dec 1678Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I40051
2 SCOTLAND, Queen Mary  1 Dec 1463Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I46077
3 STEWART, King James II  Aft 3 Aug 1460Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I46076


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAXTER / CARSOW  22 Oct 1564Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F27353
2 FORRESTER / SLOAN  1839Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F621
3 GORDON / KENNEDY  7 Dec 1831Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F635
4 MATHIE / ASLOANNE  Est 1534Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F21454
5 RAE / LETHEM  8 Sep 1776Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F8704
6 TAILYEOUR / BAXTER  19 Jul 1621Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F27356