Sophronia Smith Stoddard

"Never Lacked Faith to be Healed"

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Kelvedon, Essex, England



Latitude: 51.839975, Longitude: 0.705185


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1408Kelvedon, Essex, England I31073
2 Fastolfe  Abt 1369Kelvedon, Essex, England I29927
3 ANDRUS, Emma  Abt 1446Kelvedon, Essex, England I45890
4 CLARK, Judith  1546Kelvedon, Essex, England I30209
5 DICKENSON, Thomas  1544Kelvedon, Essex, England I30207
6 EBERT, Carol  Abt 1528Kelvedon, Essex, England I26078
7 HUNTER, David  Abt 1524Kelvedon, Essex, England I30222
8 LOVEDAYE, John  Abt 1526Kelvedon, Essex, England I30220
9 MARLAR, Agnes  1534Kelvedon, Essex, England I30221
10 MARLAR, Ann  1523Kelvedon, Essex, England I30224
11 MARLAR, Ann  1548Kelvedon, Essex, England I30210
12 MARLAR, Catherine  1527Kelvedon, Essex, England I30196
13 MARLAR, Edward  Abt 1417Kelvedon, Essex, England I30202
14 MARLAR, George  Abt 1416Kelvedon, Essex, England I30203
15 MARLAR, George  1525Kelvedon, Essex, England I30197
16 MARLAR, George  1544Kelvedon, Essex, England I31080
17 MARLAR, Jane  Abt 1532Kelvedon, Essex, England I31093
18 MARLAR, John I  Abt 1323Kelvedon, Essex, England I44690
19 MARLAR, John III  Abt 1375Kelvedon, Essex, England I30212
20 MARLAR, John IV  1414Kelvedon, Essex, England I30204
21 MARLAR, John V  Abt 1442Kelvedon, Essex, England I30214
22 MARLAR, Robert  1446Kelvedon, Essex, England I30213
23 MARLAR, Stephen  Abt 1440Kelvedon, Essex, England I30215
24 MARLAR, Thomas  Abt 1404Kelvedon, Essex, England I30205
25 MARLAR, Thomas  1487Kelvedon, Essex, England I30211
26 MARLAR, William  Abt 1418Kelvedon, Essex, England I31079
27 MARLAR, William I  1448Kelvedon, Essex, England I30217
28 MARLAR, William Sr.  1520Kelvedon, Essex, England I31081
29 MARLAR, William Jr.  1546Kelvedon, Essex, England I31074
30 NEVEL, Ann  1550Kelvedon, Essex, England I30208
31 NUPTIAR, John  1528Kelvedon, Essex, England I30223
32 PARYE, Margaret Ann  24 Aug 1540Kelvedon, Essex, England I30855
33 WHITE, Margaret  1498Kelvedon, Essex, England I30206
34 WHITE, Robert William II  1458Kelvedon, Essex, England I27180
35 WHITE, William  Abt 1475Kelvedon, Essex, England I30219


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 PERYE PARR, Sir Thomas Fitzhugh  Kelvedon, Essex, England I31007


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Aft 1448Kelvedon, Essex, England I31073
2 Fastolfe  Kelvedon, Essex, England I29927
3 ALLGAR, Anne  Aug 1611Kelvedon, Essex, England I31020
4 CLARK, Judith  Apr 1597Kelvedon, Essex, England I30209
5 LINGWOOD, John Jr.  1592Kelvedon, Essex, England I27591
6 MARLAR, George  Bef 1544Kelvedon, Essex, England I30197
7 MARLAR, George  1583Kelvedon, Essex, England I31080
8 MARLAR, John II  1389Kelvedon, Essex, England I30970
9 MARLAR, John I  1389Kelvedon, Essex, England I44690
10 MARLAR, John III  1419Kelvedon, Essex, England I30212
11 MARLAR, John IV  12 Sep 1450Kelvedon, Essex, England I30204
12 MARLAR, Stephen  May 1516Kelvedon, Essex, England I30215
13 MARLAR, Thomas  1540Kelvedon, Essex, England I30211
14 MARLAR, William I  Aft 1485Kelvedon, Essex, England I30217
15 MARLAR, William II  1574Kelvedon, Essex, England I30218
16 MARLAR, William Sr.  2 Jan 1597Kelvedon, Essex, England I31081
17 SAPERTON, Jane  1570Kelvedon, Essex, England I53022
18 WHITE, Robert William II  1528Kelvedon, Essex, England I27180


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CLARK, Judith  30 Apr 1597Kelvedon, Essex, England I30209
2 LINGWOOD, John Jr.  1592Kelvedon, Essex, England I27591
3 LINGWOOD, John Sr.  Abt 1592Kelvedon, Essex, England I30945
4 MARLAR, George  Kelvedon, Essex, England I31080
5 MARLAR, George  Bef 1544Kelvedon, Essex, England I30197
6 MARLAR, Thomas  Abt 1540Kelvedon, Essex, England I30211
7 MARLAR, William II  1574Kelvedon, Essex, England I30218
8 MARLAR, William Sr.  4 Jan 1597Kelvedon, Essex, England I31081
9 WHITE, Margaret  Abt 1540Kelvedon, Essex, England I30206


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MARLAR / CLARK  1583Kelvedon, Essex, England F10433
2 MARLAR / EBERT  Abt 1549Kelvedon, Essex, England F13890
3 MARLAR / PARYE  1539Kelvedon, Essex, England F10438
4 MARLAR / WHITE  1516Kelvedon, Essex, England F10437
5 NUPTIAR / MARLAR  Est 1553Kelvedon, Essex, England F6864