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Powell Coat of Arms

The name POWELL is a contraction of Ap Howell, meaning the son of Howell. "It may also be deduced from Paul, of which it was a former orthographical variation."[1] On 21 May 1635 there emigrated from London for Saint Christophers, in the ship Matthew, of which Richard Goodladd was master, a number of passengers who had obtained warrant to do so, from the Earl of Carlisle. Among them were the following, whose names, at least, are of interest to us:

Jo: Thomson, ae 34.
Tho: Hodges, ae 20.
Tho: Powell, ae 2r.
Thomas Powell, ae 24.
Margaret Prichard, ae 17.[2]

Whether any or all of these were connected with the early families of identical names in which we are concerned, is only a matter of conjecture. It is tolerably certain that one of the men named Powell was the ancestor of the New Haven family considered in this biography.

I. Thomas POWELL lived in New Haven, Connecticut, from 1638 to 1681.[3] The surname of his wife is not determined, but her Christian name, Priscilla, appears in the records. From the fact that the first of six children brought by her for baptism was born in August 1641, it may be inferred that their marriage had occurred but a short time after his coming to New Haven.

Thomas Powell was among the first settlers of the Colony, signing the original agreement entered into by the followers of Reverend John Davenport 4 June 1639.[4] He and his wife were members of the First Church there, and in 1655 were as signed seats in the meeting house, the record of that assignment giving Priscilla, at least, the title accorded women of superior birth and station, "Mrs."[5]

Thomas Powell died 3 October 1681, at New Haven.[6] He was the father of several daughters, but, apparently, no son. His will, dated 29 September 1681, mentions "daughter Hannah Tuttoll," son in law Thomas Tuttoll, grandchildren John, Hannah, Caleb, Joshua, Martha, Abigail, Mary, and Esther Tuttoll, son in law John Thompson and Priscilla his wife, and daughter Mary Sanford.[7] In the list of proprietors at New Haven, 1685, both John ,Thompson, jr., and 30358Thomas Tuttle</tng> are named, sons in law of Thomas Powell.[8]

It is of interest to note here that Emma Hale was a descendant of Thomas and Priscilla Powell through two daughters, and that one of the lines of descent is one whole generation longer than the other. In the line Powell Thompson Chedsey Bradley, which was along the female line we find one more generation than through the Powell Tuttle line, which was of male descent. It seems that the average age, at marriage, of the three Tuttle men between Esther Tuttle and Thomas Powell, was twenty-six plus, while that of the four "grandmothers," involved in the longer line, was less than twenty. CHILDREN: (Ibid. 9: 362; Long island Genealogies, Bunker, 342.) 1. HANNAH, born August 1641; baptized 1643; married Thomas TUTTLE. 2. PRISCILLA, born December 1642, baptized 1644; married John THOMPSON, JR. 3. Mary, baptized 20 July 1646; married 1669, Ephraim Sanford, of Milford, Connecticut. 4. Martha, baptized 28 January 1648; died young. 5. Martha, baptized January 1650. 6. Esther, baptized on day of birth, 6 June 1653. II.. Hannah POWELL, born in New Haven, Connecticut, August 1641, was married there, on 21 May 1661, to Thomas TUTTLE, the ceremony being performed by Mr. Gilbert, of that place. (New Haven Vital Records, printed, 1: 16.) For continuation of this family line please see the TUTTLE biography.

II. Priscilla POWELL, born in New Haven, December 1642, was married at Branford, Connecticut, to John THOMPSON, the ceremony being performed by Mr. Jasper Crane, on 22 May 1666. (Ibid 1: 24; East Haven Register, Dodd, 113.)

For continuation of this family line please see the THOMPSON biography.
  SOURCE:  The Ancestry & Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale by Audentia Smith Anderson (1926)


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