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This name is a corruption of "Benedict", which was from the Latin, Benedictus, blessed, well-spoken of, or a person wishing all good. The name is in general use during the reign of King Edward II, the ancestral seat of the family being at Norwich, England. Directory [2] The name has since a variety of spellings, most commonly spelled with one or two n's and one or two t's.


David BENNETT was an early physician of Rowley, Massachusetts, probably commencing his practice there soon after the death of Doctor Crosby, the first physician of the town. He was a freeholder in 1677. On 24 August 1676 he was paid 13 pounds for his service as a soldier under Captain Samuel Appleton, in King Philip's War.[3]

He was married three times. The name of the first wife seems to have been lost in the obscurity of time. She was the mother of Anthony, of this line. He married the second time on 29 April 1672, Mary, widow of John Cheeny. She died and was buried 27 September 1682, twelve days after the birth of a daughter Sarah. The following 14th of February, Doctor Bennett married the third time to Widow Rebecca BULLER, daughter of Roger and Gertrude Spencer, of Saco, mariner, and sister of the wife of Sir William Phips, "the famous adventurer and wealthy Governor of Massachusetts."[4] She died 26 March 1712, and Doctor David on 4 February 1719, aged "above one hundred," according to the gravestone record which adds, "Father of Lieut. Gov. Spencer Phips."

CHILDREN of DAVID and ????:

  1. Anthony BENNETT married Elizabeth PALMER

CHILDREN of David and Mary:

  1. Elizabeth born 10 November 1672.
  2. David born 27 December 1678 and died 5 May 1679.
  3. Sarah born 15 September 1682.

CHILDREN of David and Rebecca:

  1. David born 4 November 1683.
  2. Spencer born 6 June 1685. Graduated from Harvard College in 1703. Made Lieutenant Governor in 1733; was adopted by his uncle, Sir William PHIPS (who had no children) and took the surname PHIPS. He was the father of David, of Harvard College 1741, who, at the Revolution, "gratefully adhered to the Crown, and died in England, 7 July 1811, age 87." Spencer PHIPS died in Cambridge, Massachusetts on 4 April 1757.[5]
  3. William, born 9 July 1687. He was a physician. He died 18 September 1724, in Rowley, in his 38th year. He married 16 January 1708 to Jemima NELSON, and was the father of three sons and two daughters.


Anthony BENNETT lived in Rowley, Massachusetts and married there on 15 February 1686 to Elizabeth PALMER, daughter of Sergeant John PALMER and Margaret NORTHEND and widow of Nicholas WALLINGFORD. She was born in Rowley on 1 August 1652. She married first at Bradford, Massachusetts, on 4 December 1678 to Nicholas WALLINGFORD. They had at least one child, Nicholas. Son, Nicholas, later married to Sarah Eliathorp on 19 September 1703.

Anthony BENNETT died 11 May 1697. Elizabeth married a third time to Henry RILEY on 12 December 1700 as his second wife. He died 24 May 1710 leaving Elizabeth a widow the third time. Elizabeth died 21 January 1741 in Rowley at 88.


  1. REBECCA born 9 October 1687 and married to William DUTY.
  2. John born 1 August 1690. He was a yeoman living in Rowley. Married first to Mary CHADWELL on 2 December 1714, she died 7 April 1723. He married again, a second time, to Susanna SCOTT on 21 April 1725. She died 25 December 1725. John married a third time to the widow Elizabeth PERKINS, of Ipswich, Massachusetts, they were still living in 1743. They had three children, the youngest Elizabeth with her uncle William DUTY until her marriage in 1754 to John PALMER, Jr.[6]


Rebecca BENNETT born 9 October 1687 at Rowley, Massachusetts married 15 April 1709 to William DUTY. See the DUTY line for continuation of this family line.

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