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Ancestress Jane BROCKLEBANK, a widow, came from Yorkshire, England, with the company which followed the fortunes of the Reverend Ezekiel Rogers to the New World, most of whom settled at Rowley.[1] Hers was one of the first twenty families there in 1638 and there is evidence that she was of good estate and in comfortable circumstances.

On 10 November 1643, a two-acre lot on Wethersfield Street was laid out to her, "bounded on the west by Matthew Boyes, part of it lying on the north side of the street, and part on the south." [2] In 1667 "Hog Island marshes" were laid out to several, Widow Brocklebank among the number. Our knowledge of her life and the incidents of which it was composed is very meager. The Rowley town records have the entry: "Jaine Brocklebank, widow, burried December 26, 1668."

CHILDREN: {brought from England}

  1. SAMUEL, born about 1628; married HANNAH.
  2. John, born about 1630; married 26 Sept. 1657, Sarah, daughter of Archelaus Woodman. He was a town officer, and proprietor in 1650. His will, dated 30 November 1665, was probated 25 Sept. 1666, and mentions wife Sarah, and daughters Sarah and Elizabeth, although he also has a son, John, born 26 July 1658.


Samuel BROCKLEBANK, born in Yorkshire, England, about 1628, came with his mother, Widow Jane BROCKLEBANK, to Rowley, Massachusetts, in 1638, where he became a proprietor in 1649.

Soon after becoming of age he was made a selectman of the town, and served his community in other important offices. In 1661 he had one hundred seventy-two acres of land laid out to him, and in 1666, two hundred acres more. He was ordained deacon of the church 18 Feb. 1665. In 1673 he was appointed by the court a captain of the Artillery Company which had been organized in Rowley in 1645.

On 18 May 1652, Samuel Brocklebank married Hannah, who survived him and married again 4 March 1679, as his second wife, Richard Dole, Sr., of Newbury, Massachusetts, who is credited with have married a third time to Patience, widow of Shubael Walker.

After his appointment as captain, Samuel Brocklebank was active in recruiting for the Narragansett campaign, and after the successful fight at, and capture of, the Fort, on a second call for recruits he went out with a company about 1 Jan. 1676. About 5 Feb. they returned to Boston, with five hard weeks of campaigning to their credit. Shortly after, Captain Brocklebank and his company were called to Marlborough, where he was placed in command of the garrison and military operations. He remained there until 21 April, when he marched to Sudbury, where he was joined by Captain Samuel Wadsworth and his company. Here they were ambushed by Indians, and both captains, with most of their men, most cruelly slain.

Out of the twelve men which the town of Rowley contributed to this military movement, seven returned, and lived years afterward, among the number being Lieutenant John STICKNEY, who later married Captain Brocklebank's daughter Hannah.

About 1730, the Reverend Benjamin Wadsworth, son of Captain Wadsworth killed by Indians at Sudbury, with the assistance, perhaps, of others, caused to be erected a monument at Sudbury, where the battle was fought. The monument bears this inscription: "Captain Samuel Wadsworth of Milton, His Lieutenant Sharp of Brookline, Captain Brocklebank of Rowley, with about twenty-six other Souldiers, Fighting for the Defence of their Country Were Slain by ye Indian Enemy, April 18th, 1676, and lye Buried in this place." This Reverend Benjamin Wadsworth had been minister of the First Church of Boston, and was president of Harvard College from 1725 to 1737.[3]


  1. Samuel, born 28 November 1653; married 22 Nov. 1681, Elizabeth Platts.
  2. Francis, born 26 Sept. 1655; buried 22 July 1660.
  3. HANNAH, born 28 March 1659; married JOHN STICKNEY.
  4. John, buried 4 July 1660.
  5. Elizabeth, born 1661; married 14 March 1686, John Todd.
  6. Mary, married in Newbury, 13 October 1684, William Dole, son of Richard Dole, Sr., who had married, in 1679, her widowed mother.
  7. Sarah, born 29 Aug. 1666; buried 1 Jan. 1667.
  8. Sarah, born 7 July 1668; married first in Newbury, 3 Nov. 1686, Henry Dole and married a second time in Newbury, 29 March 1693, Nathaniel Coffin. She died 20 April 1750.
  9. Jane, born 31 Jan 1671; married in Newbury, 26 Jan. 1693, Abiel Somerby.
  10. Joseph, born 28 Nov. 1674; married 18 Feb. 1702, Elizabeth Barker.


Hannah BROCKLEBANK, born in Rowley, Massachusetts, 28 March 1659, married 9 June 1680, Lieutenant John STICKNEY. {For continuation of this family line please see the STICKNEY biographical sketch.}

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