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. William CROCKER and his brother John came to America from County Devon, England, as early as 1634, and in 1636 were both at Scituate, Massachusetts, where William. united with the church, 25 December of that year. Three years later he removed to Barnstable. (History of Scituate, Samuel Deane, 1831,, 244; Genealogical Dictionary of New Eniland, James Savage, 1: 475.) He was a deacon, representative to the General Court 1670, 1671, and 1674, constable, selection, and surveyor of highways, and said to have been the richest man in Barnstable. (Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America, Lineage Book 18: 64.) His first wife was named Alice. He married (2) Patience, daughter of Elder Henry COBB, and widow of Robert Parker. She was baptized 13 March 1641. Deacon William Crocker was a prominent man, being constable, on grand jury many years, selectman, deputy, to the Colony Court, etc. In 1643 he resided in West Barnstable. He was for many years deacon of the Barnstable church and his life was a clean record. Nothing dishonest or dishonorable was ever laid to his charge, and he was respected by the whole community. He accumulated wealth (the richest mail in the town for many years), being industrious, economical and a good manager. His boys were industrious and prudent as their father, and they also became wealthy. In those times a large family was considered a blessing; the boys assisted the father on the farm, the girls assisted the mother, spun and wove the flax and the wool, made their own and their brothers' clothes, and in harvest time assisted their brothers. It was then considered that every son born to a family added to their wealth 1100, and every daughter 150. (Mack Genealogy, Sophia Smith Martin, 2: 1390.) Deacon William Crocker died in September 1692, in Barnstable. CHILDREN: (New England Historical and Genealogical Register 2: 66, 390.) 1. JOHN, born 3 May, baptized 11 June, 1637; married (1) MARY BODFISH; married (2) Mary BURSLEY. 2. Elizabeth, born 22 September, baptized 22 December, 1639; died at eighteen years, May 1658. 3. Samuel, born 3 July 1642; died December 1681. 4. Job, born 9 March 1644/5; died March 1719. He was a deacon. He married (1) November 1688, Mary, daughter of Reverend Thomas Walley, born in London, England, 1644. She bore three sons, and died Jonathan3 Crocker was born 15 July 1662, at in 1676. He married (2) 19 July 1680, Hannah, daughter of Richard Taylor, of Yarmouth, born 1658; died 14 May 1743. She was the mother of three sons and five daughters. He died March 1718/9, aged 75. 5. Josiah, born 19 September 1647; died 2 February 1698; married 22 October 1668, Meletiah, daughter of Governor Thomas Hinckley. They lived at Barnstable, and were the parents of six sons and four daughters. He was a soldier in the Narragansett fight in 1675. His widow died 2 February 1714. 6. Eleazer, born 21 July 1650; married (1) 7 April 1682, Ruth, daughter of Elder John and Hope (Howland) Chipman, born 31 December 1663; died 8 April 1698. They were the parents of six sons and four daughters. He married (2) 25 January 1716/7, Mercy Phinney, who bore one child. Joseph, born 1654; married December 1677, Temperance, daughter of John and Joanna (Hull) Bursley, and sister to Mary Bursley who married John Crocker above. In 1703 he was owner of the largest estate in Barnstable. They had three sons and four daughters. II. John CROCKER, born at Scituate, Massachusetts, 3 May August, 1637, was a resident of Barnstable, where he married (1) November 1659, Mary, daughter of Robert and Bridget Bodfish. (Mayflower Descendant 3: 150.) She bore him two children, and died December 1662. He married (2) 25 April 1663, Mary, daughter of John and Joanna (Hull) Bursley, baptized 1643. John Crocker died May 1711, aged seventy four years. (New England Historical and Genealogical Register 2: 389.) CHILDREN, by first wife: 1. Elizabeth, born 7 October 1660. 2. JONATHAN, born 15 July 1662; married HANNAH HOWLAND. CHILDREN, by second wife 1. John, born 17 February 1663/4; married 5 November 1702, Mary Bacon, and had three daughters and"two sons. She died March 1710. (Ibid. 2: 390.)Hannah, born 10 October 1665; married 1 July 1686, Samuel Lothrop. They had three sons and three daughters. (Ibid. 2: 273.) 2. Joseph, born 1 March 1667/8; married 18 September 1691, Anne, daughter of John and Mary (Lee) Howland, born 9 September 1670. They were the parents of two daughters and one son before 1696. 3. Benjamin. 4. Nathaniel. 5. Experience.

6. Jabez. 7. Mary; married 11 February 1702, John Bursley, born 1677. (Mack Genealogy, S. S. Martin, 2: 1554.) Two daughters, one son. 8. Abigail. 9. Bathshua. The Barnstable Vital Records names these last seven children, adding “not entered when born.” III. Jonathan CROCKER was born 15 July 1662, at Barnstable, Massachusetts. He married 20 May 1686, Hannah HOWLAND. (Ibid. 2:389). She was a daughter of John Howland, of Barnstable, and granddaughter of the Mayflower Pilgrim of the same name. (Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth, Davis, Genealogical Section, 151.) She was born 5 May 1661, at Barnstable, and there admitted to the church 2 June 1689. (New England Historical and Genealogical Register 10:347) Jonathan Crocker died 24 August 1746. CHILDREN: 1. Lydia, born 26 September 1686 (Was she the Lydia Crocker who married at Barnstable 10 November 1709, Benjamin Bodfish, and bore five sons and two daughters? New England Historical and Genealogical Register 2:389). 2. HANNAH, born 26 march 1688; married Shubael FULLER. 3. Thankful, born 6 March 1690. 4. Isaac, born 4 April, baptized 15 May, 1692. 5. Reliance, born 28 June, baptized 9 August 1694. 6. Jonathan, born 28 August, baptized 1 November 1696. He married Elizabeth Bursley, born 1692. (Mack Genealogy, Martin, 2:1554) 7. James, born 3 September, baptized 15 October, 1699. 8. Ephraim, born April 1702; died 1 May 1704 IV. Hannah CROCKER, born at Barnstable, Massachusetts, 26 March 1688, married at East Haddam, Connecticut, 7 December 1708, Shubael FULLER. (East Haddam Land Records 1:578; New England Historical and Genealogical Register 12:43) For continuation of this line see the FULLER biographical sketch.

  SOURCE:  The Ancestry & Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale by Audentia Smith Anderson (1926)