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This name is variously spelled in early records as HEADON, HEDIN, HEDING, HIDIN, and HIDDEN.

I. The emigrant ancestor of this family was Andrew HIDDEN, who came from England, and settled in Rowley, Massachusetts. [1] There he married, on 7 June 1654, Sarah HOSETIN, who lived to the great age of "about 103", her death occurring in Rowley, 19 October 1729. [2].

Andrew is recorded in 1662 as being about forty years old, which would indicate the year of his birth as being about 1622. In 1667 he had land at Hog Island Marshes laid out to him [3], and his name is found in a list of freeholders, 28 January 1677. The town records for 2 November of that year, show that approved John Palmer, sen., and others, to see that the Sabbath was duly observed in the town, the family of Andrew HIDDEN was assigned, for such inspection, to John Palmer. [4] His name is found on the tax lists in 1691.

In 1675 he gave service as a soldier in King Philip's War, under Captain Samuel Appleton, receiving pay for the same on 10 December that year. His death is recorded in the town records as occurring on 18 February 1702 [5], the church records having it as 20 February 1702, which was doubtless the day of burial, and adding "an old man." His will was dated 18 February 1702, as was proved on 1 April of that year. In it he mentions his wife Sarah, and son Ebenezer, with other children implied but not mentioned.

CHILDREN, births recorded at Rowley:

  1. Andrew, born August 1655; died in infancy.
  2. John, born 15 April 1657; married Elizabeth Jewett.
  3. Margaret, born 28 July 1659; married 8 Sept. 1680, Thomas Tenney.
  4. Sarah, born 1 October 1661; died 15 April 1751; married 20 August 1686, Mighill, son of Mighill and Mary Cressey, born at Ipswich, 1 April 1661; died in Rowley 5 October 1740. There were 4 sons and 3 daughters.
  5. Mary, born 21 September 1663; died soon.
  6. ELIZABETH, born 19 February 1666; married WILLIAM DUTY.
  7. Ann, born 22 June 1668; died 24 June 1748; married 23 January 1687, William, son of Mighill and Mary Cressey, born in Ipswich 1663; moved to Rowley with his mother 1671; died there 9 February 1718. They had 3 daughters and 6 sons.
  8. Mary, born 21 July 1669.
  9. Andrew, born 26 October 1670; buried 18 October 1671.
  10. Joseph, born 28 October 1671.
  11. Samuel, born 16 July 1673; married 20 April 1698, Mary, daughter of Mighill and Mary Cressey, born 1667.
  12. Ebenezer, born 7 March 1676; married Elizabeth Storey.

Elizabeth HIDDEN

II. 19562>Elizabeth HIDDEN was taken to the church in Rowley for baptism on 25 of March following her birth, the Reverend Samuel Phillips, the "second minister," performing the rites. She married 1 May 1684, in Rowley, William DUTY.

For continuation of this line see the DUTY biographical sketch.

SOURCE: The Ancestry & Posterity of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale by Audentia Smith Anderson (1926)


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