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He lived in Lyme all his life on land bequeathed him by his father. He acted as Deputy to the General Assembly with Thomas Lee, for the Town of Lyme 13 Oct 1720 [1]. The northern boundary of Aaron Huntley's farm, and a list of his neighbors is contained by a record in Trumbell's Col. Rec. which reads as follows:

The rights of a distinct society were granted to the northern inhabitants of Lyme, and the dividing line given as follows: . . . beginning by the cove at the N.W. Cor. of Lt. Lord's farm, thence by sd. farm, and Thomas Roger's pond, including the farm of Peter Pierson(?) and John Mack, from thence easterly to the line of the East Society in Lyme, at the North End of Aaron Huntley's farm . . .

20 Jan. 1702/1703 he received a gift of land from his father, "a parcel of upland, marsh, bogs, meadow, 28 acres and halfe more or less in Lyme. On west side of 4 mile river a little above the Tillotsons, twenty acres, and was granted by the towne as 4th division. Nly and Wly with the Commons, Sly by Daniel Huntley, Ely by 4 Mile River. On 24 Jan. 1723 he received a gift of land from his father at 4 Mile River, 12-1/2 acres at the West end of Lyme and 2-1/2 acres south of the highway that goes over the river." In his will dated 1748, he bequeaths to his wife, to his son Aaron and daughter Hannah, wife of Ebenezer Mack, five shillings apiece. He also mentions his daughters Deborah, Ruth, Phebe, Ester and Jemima, whose receipts of bequest were signed by Solomon Gee, >Samuel Huntley, Nicodemus Miller and William Robins Jr. respectively, husbands of the daughters. He divides his remaining house and lands equally between his sons Nathan and Timothy as follows: "My son Nathan Huntley should have ye North End of my house and ye Southern End of my land, and my son Timothy ye other part of ye huse and ye North End of my lad and my little feald ye North side of ye Highway, and my land adjoining to Daniel Beckwith and Moses Noyes Land"


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