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Ephraim Smith - Lucy's Seventh Child[1]

Ephraim Smith

Ephraim, Lucy's seventh child was born 13 March, 1810, at Royalton, Vermont. His short life ended eleven days later, on 24 March 1810.

It is interesting to note that three children born to Lucy Mack Smith, Samuel, Ephraim, and William share 13 March as their birthday.

Ephraim is sandwiched between his older brother, Samuel, who was born in 1808 at Tunbridge, Vermont, and William, born 1811 at Royalton. They had moved from Tunbridge to Royalton shortly after Samuel was born.

The Smith family had been through severe difficulties and had moved back and forth between Royalton and Tunbridge, a distance of ten or twelve miles. They were always trying to establish a solid footing, but finding no security had to keep moving.

He is listed by Lucy Mack Smith in her history, "Sketches of Joseph Smith and His Progenitors for Many Generations," published 1912 at Lamoni, Iowa by The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

He is also mentioned, though not by name, by his father Joseph Smith Sr., in the first patriarchal blessing book[2][3]

"I look around upon you before me and I behold or ask: three seats are, as it were, empty. The Lord, in his just providence has taken from me, at an untimely birth, a son; this has been a matter of affliction but the Lord's ways are just.

My next son, Alvin, as you are aware was taken from us in the vigor of his life, in the bloom of his youth. My heart often mourns his loss, but I have not disposition to complain against the Lord. Another has been taken also, in his infancy. I pray that my loss may be abundantly supplied, and made up in additional blessings, and that his grace may attend me, and his Holy Spirit be shed abroad in my heart."

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