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Memories of William Hale Wright


Dad was a man of energy, creativity and action. He constantly ran everywhere even around the home into his older years! His beautiful blue eyes loved to reflect the colours of the ocean upon which he loved to explore and fish and have innumerable adventures. As a child I have vivid and happy memories of the boldness and bravery we all endured as we surged through the surf on our day's fishing expedition or the return heart stopping excitement of racing up the beach with full power onto the sand.

He was generous, too generous, but we loved him for his random acts of generosity, taking the family to the theme park, out to a restaurant and even on a 30 day tour around America in 1976. I know he personally paid for over 30 people to go on overseas holidays as well.

Bill Wright & Sandy Hovey.jpg

We always holidayed as a family, naturally at the beach, where the surf was safe. He would organise parties, great parties and invited whoever wished to come. His heart often went out to the lowly in society and he helped many young people into careers.

Often, I would sit and talk at night while 'waxing up the dentures' in his laboratory. At these times he would share his words of wisdom and stories about people, how to judge character and then we just sat in silence, happy to be father and daughter at work together in harmony.

Work. Yes, he worked hard, very hard, too hard, even to the day he died.

Golf, a brilliant player, many holes in one and he played off a zero handicap for over 30 years. We children sort of grew up around golf courses as well and were so proud of his bounty of silver trophies, trays, glassware and newspaper photo clippings.

Life was never still or quiet with Dad around. He was building boats, fixing cars, visiting people, making dentures or planning the next holiday or house to build.

Bill bebe wright 17 may 1952.jpg

Spiritual insights? Dad would say to me, "sometimes Krissie, you will just know things, you don't know how but you will know things". Yes, that has happened and as part of the family line, this insight also brings it's challenges and the importance of living a life of light and obedience to the faith.

As his daughter, I loved him the most, argued with him the most and appreciated him the most. On the day of his passing, I was there. I prayed him into the Kingdom and ministered to him with love, as did my son Dean.

So, William Hale Wright, you surely lived a full and amazing life, helping many and achieving much. May our Lord bless and keep your spirit and heart in His Kingdom and may your strong and pure strength of character and wisdom gained from the earth be passed on to your children's children and even to the seventh generation.

With love

Kristine Jennifer (Wright) Baron - Holland