Katherine Smith Salisbury - Sister to the Prophet
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Waldo, Livingston, Illinois



Latitude: 51.8011894444444, Longitude: 0.613657777777778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 PFEFFINGER, Alice Mae  15 Apr 1927Waldo, Livingston, Illinois I3342
2 PFEFFINGER, Alvin James  16 Apr 1922Waldo, Livingston, Illinois I3344
3 PFEFFINGER, Christian John  16 Dec 1914Waldo, Livingston, Illinois I3348
4 PFEFFINGER, Dale Frederick  24 Apr 1921Waldo, Livingston, Illinois I3345
5 PFEFFINGER, Gladys Marie  3 Nov 1917Waldo, Livingston, Illinois I3347
6 PFEFFINGER, Harold Leroy  19 Jul 1919Waldo, Livingston, Illinois I3346
7 PFEFFINGER, Helen Jean  15 May 1925Waldo, Livingston, Illinois I3343
8 PFEFFINGER, John August  1 Aug 1933Waldo, Livingston, Illinois I3339
9 PFEFFINGER, Raymond Lyle  5 Jul 1928Waldo, Livingston, Illinois I3341
10 ROSEBERRY, Ida Samantha  21 Jul 1913Waldo, Livingston, Illinois I3303
11 ROSEBERRY, Dick William Otis  24 Jul 1891Waldo, Livingston, Illinois I3355