We must cherish one another,
watch over one another,
comfort one another,
and gain instruction that we may all sit down in heaven together.
- Lucy Mack Smith
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Massachusetts, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BENNETT, Anthony  Abt 1647Massachusetts, United States I63448
2 BILLINGS, Thomas  1772Massachusetts, United States I22667
3 BRIGGS, Benjamin  1730Massachusetts, United States I57144
4 CARDON, Thomas  1764Massachusetts, United States I22664
5 COLBY, John  1630Massachusetts, United States I52894
6 COZENS, Elizabeth  1702Massachusetts, United States I22375
7 CROWNER  Abt 1773Massachusetts, United States I22119
8 EDWARDS, Abiah  Abt 1651Massachusetts, United States I58079
9 HUNT, William  May 1635Massachusetts, United States I56055
10 JONES, Jane  1668Massachusetts, United States I66376
11 LAW, Sarah Edith  1885Massachusetts, United States I2114
12 LEE, Anne  Abt 1620Massachusetts, United States I64057
13 MORGAN, Margaret C  1 Jul 1812Massachusetts, United States I20844
14 PALMER, Jerusha  1760Massachusetts, United States I67661
15 POWERS, Wilford Wendell  11 Apr 1896Massachusetts, United States I2864
16 SARGENT, William II  2 Jan 1646Massachusetts, United States I53828
17 SMITH, Nehemiah  20 Oct 1641Massachusetts, United States I44859
18 TALLADAY, Mary Polly  1769Massachusetts, United States I67484
19 WEBSTER, Molly  Abt 1720Massachusetts, United States I67322
20 WEEKES, Hanna  1644Massachusetts, United States I20882
21 WHEELER, Sarah  Bef 1682Massachusetts, United States I56172
22 WHITNEY, Asa  1776Massachusetts, United States I22133


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 DUNKIN, Johanna  1669Massachusetts, United States I30614
2 FITCH, Samuel  1658Massachusetts, United States I30722
3 GRANGER, George  1703Massachusetts, United States I67354
4 HOLMES, Mehitable  1687Massachusetts, United States I22316
5 LOVEJOY, Mary  1660Massachusetts, United States I21815
6 MORGAN, Deborah  Massachusetts, United States I66049
7 PALMER, Jerusha  Abt 1760Massachusetts, United States I67661
8 PEABODY, Sarah  1677Massachusetts, United States I57826


Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Miriam  9 May 1774Massachusetts, United States I66101
2 BOGLE, John  8 Oct 1810Massachusetts, United States I22248
3 CHIPMAN, Ruth  8 Apr 1698Massachusetts, United States I27745
4 COLTON, Reverand Benjamin  6 Feb 1770Massachusetts, United States I66261
5 COOLEY, Nathaniel  Aft 1750Massachusetts, United States I66274
6 CROCKER, Abigail  Bef Jun 1719Massachusetts, United States I27680
7 DUTTON, Sarah  18 Dec 1738Massachusetts, United States I30630
8 FLOOD, John  Massachusetts, United States I22460
9 FRENCH, Sarah  1680Massachusetts, United States I8606
10 FULLER, Hannah  Aft 11 Jun 1707Massachusetts, United States I64482
11 HIDDEN, Thomas  1676Massachusetts, United States I24004
12 HOTCHKISS, Sarah  1712Massachusetts, United States I30078
13 HUNKINS, Mary  8 Oct 1810Massachusetts, United States I21666
14 JENKINS, Edward  Massachusetts, United States I57060
15 KEMPTON, Hannah  13 Feb 1851Massachusetts, United States I22053
16 KEMPTON, Manasseh  Aft 1729Massachusetts, United States I21737
17 LEONARD, Mehitable  Massachusetts, United States I20550
18 MAYNARD, Lydia  Massachusetts, United States I53793
19 MUNROE, William  18 Aug 1747Massachusetts, United States I20655
20 ROWLEY, Sarah  Massachusetts, United States I28014
21 THAYER, Jonathon  1691Massachusetts, United States I22355
22 WOOD, Tryal  Massachusetts, United States I21571
23 WORDEN, Ruth  Aft 1 Sep 1790Massachusetts, United States I20870


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 AKERS, Samuel  Massachusetts, United States I22465
2 AMIDOWN, Elizabeth  Apr 1816Massachusetts, United States I21560
3 COOLEY, Nathaniel  Massachusetts, United States I66274
4 GOODRICH, Hannah  Aug 1719Massachusetts, United States I20415
5 HUNT, Ann  Jan 1715Massachusetts, United States I21871
6 JENKINS, Sarah Mary  Apr 1654Massachusetts, United States I57040
7 KINNEY, Tabitha  Massachusetts, United States I21868
8 MERRIAM, Joseph II  Apr 1677Massachusetts, United States I30894
9 MUNROE, William  Aug 1747Massachusetts, United States I20655
10 RUSS, Mary  Oct 1740Massachusetts, United States I21834
11 WOOD, Tryal  Massachusetts, United States I21571


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARNEY / CHAPMAN  24 Jan 1676Massachusetts, United States F9120
2 BEARSE / HOWLAND  1683Massachusetts, United States F17101
3 GIFFORD / WING  Abt 1678Massachusetts, United States F24818
4 GORDON / CLARK  1770Massachusetts, United States F31159
5 HODGES / DANFORTH  21 Jan 1731Massachusetts, United States F9259
6 LEWIS / JONES  Abt 1654Massachusetts, United States F27721
7 PECK / BOSWORTH  15 Jul 1670Massachusetts, United States F27386
8 PERRY / WARNER  1 Apr 1737Massachusetts, United States F25915
9 ROWLEY / FLETCHER  1686Massachusetts, United States F9914
10 TURNER / WINTER  Abt 1675Massachusetts, United States F24691