Sophronia Smith Stoddard

"Never Lacked Faith to be Healed"

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Connecticut, United States



Latitude: 41.6032207, Longitude: -73.0877490


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jerusha  1747Connecticut, United States I64490
2 Mary  Abt 1685Connecticut, United States I31039
3 Mary  Abt 1733Connecticut, United States I57301
4 Samuel  Abt 1678Connecticut, United States I64475
5 ARNOLD, Lucy  1768Connecticut, United States I22175
6 BACON, Curtis  22 Jun 1799Connecticut, United States I64228
7 BROCKWAY, Jane  1740Connecticut, United States I53074
8 BURNHAM, Mary  1725Connecticut, United States I67474
9 BURNHAM, Rachel  1739Connecticut, United States I67480
10 HALE, William  1784Connecticut, United States I60293
11 KIRKHAM, Henry  Abt 1690Connecticut, United States I65060
12 LATHROP, Mary  1680Connecticut, United States I30511
13 LUDDING, Dorothy  Abt 1668Connecticut, United States I64323
14 MILLER, Captain Nicodemus  16 Feb 1715Connecticut, United States I19725
15 PALMER, Phoebe  1760Connecticut, United States I67693
16 PIERCE, Anne  1736Connecticut, United States I19918
17 STEELE, Alexander Wesely  1689Connecticut, United States I67288
18 TALMADGE, Sarah  2 Oct 1684Connecticut, United States I57832
19 TINKER, Nathan  1760Connecticut, United States I52487
20 TREAT, Henry C.  1663Connecticut, United States I59494
21 VAUGHN, Sarah  1730Connecticut, United States I19954
22 VIBBERT, Mary  1768Connecticut, United States I22176
23 WATERMAN, David  Abt 1701Connecticut, United States I58423
24 WILLIAMS, John  1683Connecticut, United States I66137
25 ZARESKY, Alexander Anthony  30 Apr 1915Connecticut, United States I22185


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 BENNETT, Henry  Connecticut, United States I29352
2 BRADLEY, Elizabeth  29 May 1757Connecticut, United States I19890
3 BURNHAM, Mary  26 Dec 1725Connecticut, United States I67474


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BADGER, Gideon  1800Connecticut, United States I64172
2 BARDEN, Seth III  15 Sep 1872Connecticut, United States I39767
3 BURR, Martha  2 Jun 1759Connecticut, United States I63680
4 CADY, Jesse  8 May 1810Connecticut, United States I19961
5 COOK, Joanna  13 Mar 1783Connecticut, United States I67383
6 DODGE, John  Aug 1775Connecticut, United States I20825
7 DODGE, Moses  5 Feb 1772Connecticut, United States I20072
8 DRISKALL, Mary  30 Sep 1787Connecticut, United States I66133
9 FORD, Keziah  1845Connecticut, United States I22145
10 FOX, Eunice  24 Oct 1783Connecticut, United States I21940
11 GOODRICH, Benjamin  11 May 1742Connecticut, United States I67233
12 HALE, Samuel  20 Sep 1760Connecticut, United States I19910
13 HUXLEY, Johanna  2 Mar 1793Connecticut, United States I67367
14 JOHNSON, Adijah  1799Connecticut, United States I64486
15 LOOMIS, Lieutenant Samuel  1 Oct 1689Connecticut, United States I31070
16 MACK, Hezekiah  17 Nov 1755Connecticut, United States I44073
17 MACK, Mary  Abt 1793Connecticut, United States I19695
18 MATTESON, Hannah  17 Oct 1810Connecticut, United States I22093
19 MILLER, William  Bef 1713Connecticut, United States I22562
20 OLCOTT, Samuel  25 Apr 1816Connecticut, United States I67491
21 RISLEY, Chauncey  16 Sep 1855Connecticut, United States I22065
22 SATTERLEE, Jemima  1812Connecticut, United States I67727
23 SMITH, Hope  Connecticut, United States I57676
24 STEELE, David  Abt 1739Connecticut, United States I67295
25 WARD, Tryal  1810Connecticut, United States I31178
26 WEEKES, Hanna  Connecticut, United States I20882
27 WISE, William  Bef 21 May 1764Connecticut, United States I20876


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BADGER, Gideon  Connecticut, United States I64172
2 BARNUM, David  Jan 1822Connecticut, United States I19988
3 BURNHAM, Ann  Aft Apr 1806Connecticut, United States I67475
4 BUSHNELL, Mary  Oct 1727Connecticut, United States I67881
5 BUTTON, Mary  Connecticut, United States I20598
6 CHIDSEY, Joseph Sr.  Sep 1709Connecticut, United States I27214
7 CLARK, Ruth  Connecticut, United States I67537
8 FOX, Eunice  Oct 1783Connecticut, United States I21940
9 HARRIS, William  Jun 1693Connecticut, United States I66012
10 HUNTLEY, John  Nov 1676Connecticut, United States I14244
11 OLCOTT, Samuel  Apr 1816Connecticut, United States I67491
12 RISLEY, John  Connecticut, United States I21916
13 RISLEY, Samuel  Feb 1756Connecticut, United States I21917
14 SAVAGE, Mary  Oct 1723Connecticut, United States I21977
15 STEWART, Nathan  Nov 1813Connecticut, United States I67730
16 WHEADON, John  Connecticut, United States I30446


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BURNHAM / COLE  Abt 1765Connecticut, United States F31121
2 BURNHAM / WARREN  8 Mar 1769Connecticut, United States F31120
3 CALEB / RISLEY  Abt 1755Connecticut, United States F27673
4 CAMP / BEARD  Bef 1653Connecticut, United States F25660
5 DEMING / STEELE  Abt 1778Connecticut, United States F31030
6 HUBBELL / WAKEMAN  1620Connecticut, United States F10478
7 PRATT / JONES  31 May 1733Connecticut, United States F31266
8 RISLEY / DICKINSON  Abt 1627Connecticut, United States F9255
9 THOMAS / HALE  20 Oct 1746Connecticut, United States F8102
10 TOWNER / CRANE  6 Mar 1716Connecticut, United States F19310